Artist Statement


My practice includes both figurative drawings and conceptual, sculptural objects made of various materials. The paintings are usually done with oil paint on canvas. I see all my paintings as portraits, even some lack a human face. Mostly, the images are drawn from the reality surrounding me, and at times based on photographed compositions which I stage. The objects combine hard and soft materials, sewing and weaving tools, various metals and wood. At times, associative fragments of text or embroidered words are interwoven.


The content and form of my works are affected by the tense encounters between opposed materials. The cloth and the fabric, which separate between the body which carries them and the outside world, are repeating motifs in my works. They express personal and subjective matters, as well as universal and political statements. The intentionally or unintentionally choices done by a person while dressing up act like declarations of his being, addressed to the world. I am interested in the tension between what is hidden and what is revealed; in the gap between what is allowed and open and what is forbidden and shut off; in elusive borders and in conscious and unconscious double meanings.


My works react to the current political-social reality, to gender issues and communications deficiencies. The directness of a seemingly traditional, figurative image, standing still and silent, is opposed to the incessant cacophony of the media and to the forced, constant contact of everyone with everyone. Such an image requires a breadth of attention and a slower listening. My works’ aesthetics move between the subtle and the provocative, while encountering the spectator in the intense gap between the naked truth and the covered body.


Currently, my focus is on paintings of figures whose appearances escape a definitive gender definition. Some of them are transitioning, others can be defined as “trans”, but all perform a range of gender-fluidity, while embodying a sort of inner contradiction and a borderline, tricky identity.

The oil paintings are based on iPhone photographs I take when meeting these urban figures randomly. Through this medium transition, the figures are decontextualized, detached of their surroundings, or partially represented. Against the white, empty background, they appear as spontaneous, one-of-a-kind performative manifestations of individuality, representing a reality in which opposites collide and questions remain unanswered.

לצפייה בקורות חיים והצהרת אמן בעברית לחצו כאן

























Born in Tel Aviv. Lives and works in Tel Aviv
























2016 – Summer painting course (light and color), “Hakolel”, with Guy Avital and Ran Tenenbaum, Tel Aviv








2014 – Painting course (still life),””Hatahana”, with Aram Gershuni, Tel Aviv








2011 – Drawing and oil color course, “Smadar’s Art School”, with Smadar Katz. Tel Aviv








2010 – Crits with Hilla Ben Ari, Tel Aviv








2005-2009 – Crits with Nadav Weissman, Neveh Monosson and Tel Aviv








2002-2005 – Painting Diploma, Avni Institute of Art and Design,Tel Aviv








1997-1999 – Interior Design Diploma, Ort college Kfar-Saba








1998-2013 – Acting and Theater studies, Kfar Shmaryahu Theatre Group
























1972-1974 – German studies, Ghoethe University, Frankfurt, Germany








1966-1969 – BA, France Culture and Philosophy, Tel Aviv University (uncompleted)








1986-1988 – Language Editing, Translation and Translation Editing Diploma, Bar-Ilan
















Selected Exhibitions
















2008 – “First Chance”, Agripas 12, Jerusalem








2010 – “Art for the Eyes”, Raanana








2010 – “The Salon of the Refused”, Jaffa








2011 – “Free”, Rozin center, Tel Aviv








2021 – “Identity”, virtual exhibition , The Holy Art Gallery , London 








Relevant Experience








1980-1997 – Professional translator from German, French and English to Hebrew.








Mainly of art related materials.








1980-1997 – Language Editor








1998-2010 – Interior Designer